About Us

Launched in April 2013

Isiseko Debt Help (IDH) is an innovative and reliable debt management company, which seeks to help consumers who are over indebted to pay their debt obligations whilst still taking care of their living expenses.


A Fresh Approach To Handling Financial Issues

With more than 500 satisfied clients to date, IDH is making great strides to alleviate the financial burden and stress from over indebted consumers. IDH has established strong relationship with many credit providers in South Africa. That plus our expertise has enabled us to offer the best debt services and solutions to the needy.


Get Your Life Back

With Debt Counsellors fully qualified & compliant with the National Credit Regulator (NCR), at IDH consumers are guided by helpful and knowledgeable team.

IDH work in tandem with efficient lawyers and approved Payment Distribution Agents (PDA’s). We ensure that your budget is scrutinized and guided through your personal living expenses to ensure that you settle your accounts as soon as possible.



What We Can Do For You.

We arrange a personalized debt repayment plan. Tailor a service suitable for individual’s financial situation.

  • We put comprehensive solutions.
  • We offer free consultation and debt advice.
  • We ensure clients have the ability to establish financial stability.
  • Provide on-going customer care assistance up until current debts are settled and issue a clearance certificate.


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087 230 0223

We have a team of dedicated individuals, all compliant with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Our Support team will make it easier for you to get your finances back in order and start on you debt free journey.


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